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About Threshold / Online, there is an incredible amount of information about the state of our planet, global well-being, and our ability to foster inclusive and vibrant economies that serve everyone. How do you sort through it all? The volume of material is overwhelming and sometimes contradictory. 

In the process of teaching sustainability to hundreds of undergraduate students, select high school teachers,  and many curious adults, I have refined my approach of highlighting the essential and meaningful parts of sustainability that offer the possibility for true, lasting change.


There's no room for fluff or platitudes - we just don't have time. Our window of opportunity is closing fast - especially in the case of climate change. We need to join together - joyfully, collaboratively, and with intent - to create a future we will be proud to hand to our grandchildren. 

About Kimberly Byrd / I'm an independent academic who has been writing and teaching about environmental ethics and sustainability at a big ten school for a decade. I believe it's time to share and celebrate this hopeful knowledge beyond university walls.



Why you matter / We need a strong movement of discerning citizens that are clear-eyed about the challenges that face us, and are enthusiastic about the potential of our current moment.


Our current moment requires action: bold, positive action that embodies the possibility of true sustainability. Truly sustainable solutions multi-solve to address several problems at once. By looking at social-ecological systems as a whole, rather than just individual issues, we can address root problems and accelerate positive transitions. 

My goal is to inspire compassion and connection for the planet, its people, and all beings through positive, creative projects of the highest standard. 

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