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Student Testimonials

Kimberly has spent 30 years in the conservation field, teaching undergraduates, graduate students, professionals, and lay people about sustainable solutions. Here are some excerpts from her teaching reviews at the University of Minnesota.

Fall 2013 (Environmental Ethics and Leadership)


Such a fun professor! I love the way this professor views the world, and I would definitely consider her a role model. 

Her passion! She clearly has a love for the topic, and her curiosity for understanding different viewpoints was contagious.

Spring 2015

Kimberly has been the most amazing teacher I have ever had. She gives room to experience emotion and feels with her whole soul. She changed my life.

This class was brilliant. I am so glad that I had Kimberly as a professor, she is incredible. She helped most in my learning by providing the space for a social perspective of sustainability. Loved this so much.

Such a variety of sources! One of the only professors who has seemed to be flexible to student responses and did not come forward as having the only right answers. 

Truly inspired me to a more sustainable lifestyle and to want to further my education. She gave us awesome readings with great diversity. One of the first classes in my educational career that I loved going to. I was actually really sad when I had to miss this class.

Every class was inspirational in some way, she had so much knowledge about what she's talking about and is so passionate about every topic. By far, the best professor I've had.

Very engaging in all topics. She listened to students and tended to our needs. Literally just an amazing ball of joy/happiness that could make even the most depressing sustainability topics positive. Loved her!

I thought this class was great and nothing like any other course I've ever taken.

Very passionate, inspirational, and positive through the negative muck associated with problems. Cut through my cynicism which, in itself, is awesome. Not a stereotypical background which definitely helped improve her standing as a reliable source. She shared facts and let the class develop opinions. Very action-applicable.

Her energy and passion is honestly unparalleled amongst university professors. Oftentimes professors are cold, unwelcoming, and unenthusiastic. Kimberly is not like that. She is an inspiration.

She was very exuberant and passionate. She really got me to love sustainability and feel like I can make a more positive impact in the world. Her positive attitude was really helpful and great to have – I easily could be more cynical about the environment but the way Kimberly taught the class, I feel much more empowered. 

Engaged fully with students. Treated us with respect as learning adults and not just as students. She took interest in our interests.

Kimberly was always able to answer class questions with her wide breath of knowledge on the topic. I was amazed at her enthusiasm for the course, and it was easy to catch her drive for change. Wonderful professor.

Spring 2018


Kimberly was very approachable and showed a lot of passion for the topic. One of the professors that truly show dedication to students.

Kimberly was passionate, motivating, and moving in everyday conversation. She's informative and inspirational.

Phenomenal in every single way. 

Super approachable, very friendly. Breath of fresh air.

She was able to explain complex topics in depth.

Spring 2020 (shifted to online)


Professor Byrd has such a strong enthusiasm for sustainability it is clear that it is her passion. It was joyful to see how genuine and excited she was to share knowledge and learn from students. Even when online she shared this same passion while also remaining aware of others. 

Spring 2021 (online)

Kim is incredibly sweet and facilitated such wonderful, productive, inclusive, and important conversations with the class. She's down to earth and friendly, and makes sure students know she is there as a resource.

I absolutely loved this instructor! She encouraged feedback and allowed students to dictate how we wanted to learn and what we were passionate about during conversations. She was really engaging as an instructor, supportive, and relatable.

Kimberly is so well versed in the subject matter of this course, and you can hear her passion for the topic through the way that she speaks. The course itself was laid out really well so it was easy to navigate and understand. Overall, this was one of my favorite courses that I have taken in college.

Spring 2022 (in-person)

Kimberly is passionate about the work she does, and that really resonates through the class. She has deep knowledge about a huge variety of topics in the field of environmental thought, and it was great to learn from her.

My favorite class of all time; "get out what you put in" structure; passionate about subjects, inspires others to be passionate; interesting and informative activities; so so so many resources that I will be using for many years after this course.

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